Do you want to know the reason why I was born with a camera in my hands?

I could say I’ve always been passionate about photography, that it’s been a part of my life since I was born, that I “borrowed” my dad’s Yashica against his will. I could also tell you that I spent most of my childhood taking pictures, but it wasn’t only about capturing those moments, but that feeling that I had every time I developed them.
I’ve grown up with a camera between my hands and with it, everything that I’ve learned.

Patience and determination have been my pillars when it comes to learning and this is the reason why the camera has allowed me to discover how to play with light and capture the perfect moment.

My passion for photography is born in my eagerness to capture that instant that will make a difference: that smile, that special moment, that second when your breathing stops…


When I was 6, I took a photo of a cloud that looked like a dragon.
When I was 8, I already had my first photo album made.
When I was 18, I started studying photography and I bought my first Reflex.
When I was 21, I got a job as a photographer in a local magazine.
I specialized in documental photography, pinning my interest in shows. Moreover, I also worked as photojournalist covering all type of events; from sports, politic events, cultural shows, etc.
Even though this type of job didn’t fulfill me, it helped me learn how to shoot the perfect moment and to develop an immediate response from my side.
When I was 24, I specialized in fashion and editing photography for magazines, photographic books and expositions.
When I was 26, I quit my job and started to work as an editor in a photography studio. That was the moment when I learned my true passion: telling stories.
Say Cute is born!

Wedding photography with a personal and magic signature,
turning memories into emotions.

It’s been 6 years since that moment.

Let them tell you how professional, optimist and bright am I.
Get to know their magical experiences.

We are going to share intimate moments of your story and to repay
this kind of trust, I will now share with you 10 of my secrets.

1. I enjoy LIVING! I love being a part of this world and squeezing every moment out of it.
2. Traveling and discovering places is my passion. If it were up to me, I would spend all my life travelling.
3. I’m in love with food. Give me an original plate and I will devour it.
4. My weakness is my godson. Playing with him and getting to see the world through his eyes makes me happy.
5. I’m a “décor-holic”. I’m fascinated by décor and doing some restoration relaxes me a lot.
6. I spend most of the day dancing! Just by hearing a beat, me feet start moving!
7. This world that surrounds us amazes me constantly; a sunset and its colors just dazzle me.
8. A diamond is forever, and so are friends. I would spend hours just gossiping around with them.
9. Wondering around. I just love taking long walks with my couple, with no concrete direction and getting to know new spots.
10. I never give up. I’m a fighter and so I do for every dream I have.

Would you like to know how could I join you in your story?
I want to be in your photos!