Do you have everything ready down to the detail? The dress, the ceremony, the banquet… Have you given a thought to whom are you going to trust to capture the most important day of your life?

In a wedding, photography is one of the most vital elements. There is only once chance to capture the perfect moment. One click that will determine the difference between a moment that will last forever or one that will be lost in your memories.
Let me walk with you so you keep more than just a memory. You can expect a lot of magic, fantastic light and a lot of professionalism so you just focus on saying I do and enjoying the moment.
– The light: I play with light in a very special and magical way just for you.
– Just for you: I make sure to be right next to you from beginning to end with total exclusivity, so everything turns out just as you want it.
– The details: Love and gestures. That way you look into each other’s eyes, that touch, that kiss, such moments are a must for my photography.


Are you going to say I do with the heat of the Mediterranean right next to you?
If you are thinking about visiting Barcelona to celebrate your intimate Elopement wedding, I’ll make sure you remember it forever.

When intimacy knocks on your door.
The Elopements are trending and there’s no doubt why.
The magic created in such an intimate moment, is difficult to find when surrounded by a big crowd.
This is why if you have in mind celebrating your wedding under such circumstances I will make sure to capture that sincere love that defines you and that will last forever.


Show your love to the world and I will make sure to capture it.
When love is in the air, you only need to show it and I’ll do the rest.

Why choosing this type of session?
1. Intimacy is the key to the sincerest kind of love. Let your love for each other sparkle to capture it in its most natural status.
2. Playing with the scene. I know marvelous places to have the shooting, so the landscape matches your profile or perhaps, going to that special place that you are already thinking about.
3. Are you on your honeymoon around the Barcelona area? On holidays falling in love with the city? Every occasion is special and deserves to be remembered.
4. Time stops. I’ve become a spectator to a unique moment and my skills allow me to transmit it just as it is.
5. If you are looking for something else, adding an extra to your session, arrangements can be made. Either being a makeup artist, a hairdresser, a stylist… anything so your story is just perfect.


Every special occasion deserves to be remembered and the moment of your pregnancy will be unique.

These nine months will mark a before and after in your life, you will stop being two to incorporate a beautiful little creature that will remove every inch of your life, but it will be the most beautiful chaos you can imagine. Such a magical moment deserves your place.
Do we keep this memory forever?
– A photo session with your well-rounded belly, alone or with your partner.
– The month-to-month evolution of your baby within you.
– The before and after. First with a belly later with your baby.

What options do you stay with? You can get inspired here.


Touchable memories

Apart from receiving your photos in a digital format, you will also have available albums and super good quality printings to have make your memories become reality.
My work goes beyond taking pictures, and by creating the album I conclude the project and give life to your emotions.
I want to make your photos reality in a very special way. With its uniqueness and particular magic.
Your history can be told and touched. I’ve selected the best quality albums, with different colors of linen and your personalized name in low relief. Thirty pages edited with love and touch to keep your magical memories safe and reachable. Each photography is important for me, that’s why I keep editing and printing down to the detail. The hand-out will be given with a matching box that will amass your beautiful history.
Cute Box.
These linen boxes are composed by 50 layers of 18x13cm with the moments you have already selected. The perfect option if you want to make your history tangible and reachable at any time with both, the handmade editing and the best quality possible.
Which one is your favorite option?


Are you facing some trouble showing your project to the world?

If you are in need of a creative proposal to show your project in a special way with its values and passion, this is what you are looking for.
I will make sure to capture the soul, heart and genuineness of your work. Together we will design the perfect session to captivate your clients and show the world the uniqueness of your work.

See some of the outcomes!

With my images I offer you the possibility to hold in your hands your own emotions. Emotions that will be always remembered as one of the most important days of your life.


Here you fill find answers for all those questions that are in your mind.