With my images I offer you the possibility of having in your hands emotions that transport you to that important day for you.

Hey! Here you fill find answers for all those questions that are in your mind.

What’s my photographic style?
My photos are full of light. I love capturing moments capable of transmitting emotions, letting those in front of the lens be themselves. This is the reason why I try to create a comfy environment, so you feel at peace while being yourself. Always keeping a natural and sincere perspective.
Moreover, I’m a perfectionist. By capturing that unique moment, I let my photography bloom. Flowers, perfect spots, hands holding in a weeding, the way of looking, smiles, those are a must for me.

What’s my role in your weeding?
Photograph every single moment transmitting the maximum serenity.
My presence won’t be at any point intrusive, by it is truly important that those moments are indeed captured so they will last forever. I pay attention to every detail and get ahold of your needs by taking pictures in a very special and moving environment.

Do I work outside of Catalonia?
Yes, I go where the wind takes me and where you need.

Is it always you taking the pictures?
Say Cute is my project, my method of weeding photography. My eyes are behind every single photo of Say Cute!
I believe in giving a personal and attentive approach to my clients.
This is the reason why I use a broad set of cameras to capture every moment to perfection.

What if we are shy in front of the camera?
I have the perfect solution to get over that stage fright; Let’s have a pre-weeding session! I am sure you will have a gratifying experience and will learn that the outcome is worth it.

Can I hire your services per hours?
I like working in a complete way, ensuring both parties are satisfied with the results. I will walk with you during all day to be a part of every single moment and so you can have your story from beginning to end captured.

Why do you recommend making an album with the photos?
It is the absolute way of transmitting not only my job, but those perfect moments as well. And album is a true treasure that you will be able to look at every time you feel like reliving that very special day.
Having digital copies is both, necessary and recommendable. However, my experience tells me that, in most cases, they end up left in a drawer. Having an album makes your memories tangible. An album is much more than pages with photos in them, is your true story. Don’t let it go away!

Will I have the photos in digital format?
Of course. I always hand in the images in high quality and without watermarks, even if you are as well having the album done or not. I will be handing approximately 700 photos, all put in a wooden pen drive.
Moreover, you will have access to a gallery to share those images with your family and friends.

How much time does it take to get the photos?
Time is gold and I am familiar with that nerves on edge feeling to get to see the pictures. In less than a month you will have a direct link to the photo gallery.
When albums are involved, the process takes a bit more time since there’s editing, revising and work at the lab to do. This process takes a minimum of 2 months.

How do we communicate with you?
You being calm for that very important day is vital to me. My commitment to you is priority and, therefore, I am available via e-mail at any time.
You can check in with me to solve any doubts that you may have, and you will receive an answer within 24-48 hours. E-mail me any time you need to.

How can we meet if we leave abroad?
We can Skype and chat, so I get familiar with all the weeding plans. Moreover, if you travel before the wedding, I can adapt and meet in a convenient spot to see each other face-to-face.

Is everything included in your rates?
Yes. My price includes both, the photographic services as well as the follow-up hours of the weeding. Every single detail will be forever saved in an online photo gallery and a wooden pen drive where you will have the originals in high quality.
Moreover, travel expenses are also covered within the area of Catalonia. If the weeding takes place outside its borders, the corresponding increase of price will be applied.

Is this investment worth it?
How much is a look worth? What price tag do you put on your memories? I know a weeding is a big investment, but it also is a once in a lifetime experience. If you come to a point of regretting some of the costs, it won’t be the memories captured to make it last forever.
This project is born on a look full of magic, a photo took with a very special light. I am offering you much more than just memories, I offer you the chance to have images that will carry you to that special day of yours.
My professionalism goes beyond photography, when you hold those same images in 10, 20 or 30 years and the same feeling of joy goes through your veins, you will know that the investment was totally worth it.